Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seizing opportunity

It was 60 degrees today, can you believe it?  Obviously it meant that I would have no excuse to not work the pony, not that I ever need an excuse, she's super!  We hung out in the barn a while, I met the girl who moved her horse to the barn in October, and also hung out with Grayson a while.  Even once the pony was tacked up she just got to stand around a be a good citizen.  Its definitely good for her to stand around, its something she wasn't ever able to do before.

When I finally got on I just focused on doing some trot work.  She started off in a really quick pace, trying to get those little legs moving, and once she had expended a bit of energy though I slowed her pace and got her moving nicely.  She was a little annoyed at the presence of water, and then even more annoyed when I made her stomp through it, but eventually she'll get over it.  She still remembers most of the things she has learned, so its more a matter of getting the muscle back that will allow her to be successful.  Hopefully this is the year I will be able to get a pony jock on her and get her sold.  

I'm very excited to get my mare down here (love the use of the word "my") and I spent the day researching the NC show schedules.  I have gotten most of the information together that I have been able to find, and have printed the schedules and each available prize list.  I'll probably put it in a little binder and leave it at the barn so that anyone interested in looking at it can.  Today I also talked to Nikki, my friend that I sold Zena to, and we are going to get together next month!  I'll get to see little Z compete at Training in Aiken, SC and I will probably also groom for Christine who is showing Buck that weekend.  (Could that be me next year with mare??)

I was telling Nikki about my thoughts on next winter, and as we discussed the pros and cons of the working student position that I was thinking about, she mentioned I could probably have a position at her farm.  I know I would receive the training I'm looking for, and I know I wouldn't be treated like dirt for being a working student (most working student positions are like this).  I would still have to pay board, although "self-care" board is an option, and since I'd be there anyway, its probably what I would do.  It would likely be less than I'm paying now.  I'd even get to go hunting!  

Anyway, that's a long way off, and I have a big journey ahead of me but I know I'm ready for it.  All these years of work is finally going to translate into a big time opportunity.  Now its time to seize it.  

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