Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A busy weekend ahead of me!

Ritter and I came to an understanding today about the barrels.  He thinks they are scary, I think they are harmless.  Agree to disagree doesn't work for us, we stared and stared, and then trotted and trotted until he realized that no, they in fact won't jump off of the rail and eat him alive.  Other than that little argument though, it was a fairly productive ride.  His transitions get cleaner and cleaner each ride, and he has the best Woah I've ever sat on. Hey yellow pony, want to take some lessons on that from him?

On another note, I received a call from Grayson this morning that Jim Bob may have found the next project.  Its an off the track Thoroughbred that has been sitting in the field a while since he was too slow and kind hearted to make it on the track.  Supposedly he looks like a Quarter Horse, he apparently has had some dressage training, but by the sounds of it has been in the field a while.  He is free to a good home, and he may be something, he may not.  I'll find out more this week, and we'll figure out if JB is willing to give him a shot.  Since I head back north in just over a month, it will hopefully be something that Grayson can keep going once I leave.

I'll keep updating on that situation as the week progresses.  This weekend is a big one though!  On Thursday I'll make the trek north for several photography endeavors.  On Friday I'm looking forward to a shoot at Sunnyside Farm with Gloria and her beloved Blue.  Saturday I will be shooting a friend of a friend, Sheryl and her two kids Cloudy and Santiago.  Sunday is Reindancer's first show of the season and I think there are about 40 classes.  The first three divisions will be inside, but the rest will be run outside, and I can't wait!  I'm looking at a new set up for my table there, and will be passing out cards and ordering information to all participants.

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