Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ponies, sisters and an X workout

The weekend is always a time when I think I'm going to have so much time to get things done and that never ends up being the case.  Friday I got off of work around 4:45 and then went out the barn to lunge the pony.  That makes one full week of lunging, and her fitness is starting to improve every so slowly.  I just have to keep in mind that she is like me in terms of fitness.

As much as she or I may want to start working at 100% the reality is that our bodies just aren't ready.  And while I have the privilege of being able to know when its too much and where I can push myself, its my job to read her and her body so that I don't push her past where she is ready for.  Its my job to be responsible about her conditioning even though I know her personality is similar to mine, and she'd probably rather push herself too.  She and I are very similar when it comes down to it!  

Friday night I went to a pre-game with my pledge class and it was definitely nice to see everybody and start catching up.  I didn't feel like going out, and was tired from my whole week so I went home from there around midnight when everyone else started to go out.

Saturday I woke up and it was snowing so I wasn't sure I would go to the barn.  When the weather is that cold, the ground is generally frozen, and it doesn't make sense to ask the pony to do work, sweat and then go back out in the field, especially on hard ground.  Saturday night we had another pledge class pregame and then all went out to the same party.  It was really nice to see everyone again, especially the older and younger girls that I hadn't seen yet.  

Today I woke up and went out to the barn, determined to finally ride the pony for the first time since August.  I wasn't worried about it at all, but lunged her anyway since it has become a part of our routine. She needs to learn to lunge, and definitely needs to get better at understanding the voice commands that come along with it.  She was tuned when I left but I suppose thats just one of those things that she didn't remember in her 6 months off.

I started introducing side reins today, a tool that I want to use to help her engage her hind end, and keep from falling on the forehand.  I'm not the type to just slap them on the saddle/bit and crank them tight, I want her to understand the concept and be comfortable moving forward with them so that we don't encounter any of her (hopefully eliminated) dangerous behaviors.  I think the time off has certainly helped get her head on straight, so hopefully once we are fit it won't take too long before we can get her schooled up and into that show ring so we can find her a little girl to call her own.  

Tonight I tried one of the P90X videos just to see what level of fitness I need to be successful in the whole program, so I did Cardio X, a 45 minute cardio workout that combines yoga, Kenpo and some other exercises to get the heart rate up, all things that can be done in my room.  Nice!  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't so challenging that I had to turn it off in 15 minutes.  Its the type of workout that if you are fit you can push yourself harder and faster, but if you aren't you can do it at your own pace.  I'm looking forward to doing the whole workout starting February.  For now I'm just messing around with all the different tapes I have, and learning the different moves.

For the most part my eating has been good although I still have days when I crave foods I shouldn't eat.  Since I spent 4 months away its really hard to fight the cravings.  For example today I indulged in chinese food for lunch.  But fortunately that's one of those things that I won't eat everyday.  I've been doing my best to keep track of calories for better or for worse, and generally I'm doing a good job staying within the 1300 range.  I have some days when I eat a bit more, and some days when a few beers ends up being a 1/3 of that number.  Once I start working out hard everyday I will likely have to up my caloric intake, but for now a high protein diet will help jump start the metabolism and hopefully help me burn some fat.  As of Friday (more or less the end of week 1, will measure Fridays because for now weekends are a weak spot) I have lost 6.8 pounds since arriving home from Spain and dropped 2.2% body fat.  Go me!

Things on the sale of my new horse are moving slowly, but thankfully they are moving.  Tomorrow she is getting her coggins and health certificate done, and then next week she will get on the trailer and come home to me. Hopefully she will get here early next week, and then I can show pictures and go into more detail about her.  

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