Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It never slows down

It was hard to convince myself to study for today's exam.  After all, what could we possibly be tested on after 3.5 weeks of internship?  It was open note so I printed all the readings out before class and headed on in without much of a care.  Since it was open note it ended up being pretty easy, it was just a lot of writing. We had to relate some of the stuff we learned to our internships, but because I only met 4 different clients during my time at the Partnership I didn't have many instances to choose from, but I did what I could.  

After the exam I went out to brunch with Sarah, and we went to Mimi's.  I love getting brunch with Sarah because she and I can literally sit around forever just talking about anything and everything.  Afterwards though, we headed out to the barn to play with our ponies.  When I got there Aston was out in the field, but she came right over and I took her into the barn.  Once in the barn she was totally fine just hanging out, but then Dazzle started screaming and so Aston started to get worked up.

I took her out into the ring and just let her move freely.  She's got a funny little canter that will hopefully open up more under saddle but her trot when she moves out is WOW.  Sarah and I traded horses for about 45 minutes, and Sarah started working on some Parelli stuff with my girl.  I'm so glad Sarah is willing to work with her because she knows so much more about quality groundwork.  Afterwards I groomed her and turned her out. 

Grayson came up to the barn and we ended up talking for a while and we cleaned the office out.  Grayson did most of the cleaning/organizing since there isn't room for more than one person to be messing around in there.  

After a while I brought Aston in so I could try my tack on her.  I think I need to buy a wither pad to make my saddles fit, but that's not too big of a deal.  Last night I ordered her boots, a blanket, and some grooming supplies (Aston says thanks Granny!) and I think the wither pad will be the last "thing" I need for a little while.  I have a few jobs in the making so as long as I keep those irons in the first I should be fine for March board.  By then I should have shed a few more pounds as well.  I made a bit of money selling my photos this month and I have some more photo things coming up.  Hopefully I'll start at Blue Skies soon too, and start giving some lessons out at Grayson's.  Lots of things to do!  

Recruitment starts tomorrow so I won't be able to head out to the barn tomorrow, but hopefully I'll get to hang out with the mare on Thursday.  Bid day is on Sunday, and then Monday I will take my first ride!  I tried on all her tack today, and adjusted her bridle to fit.  She looks gorgeous in it!

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