Monday, January 24, 2011

Safe and sound in North Carolina

After hours and hours of trying to pass the day surpressing my excitement about my mare coming down, around 9pm I finally headed out to the farm with a pizza and went down to the house to hang out with Grayson, David, and Bobby.  I bribed them with a pizza to wait up for me for the horse and it worked!  After hanging out and talking about names and other things, at 10:15 Grayson and I headed up to the barn thinking that he would be there right around then.  We finally met Steve the shipper on the corner of Shoe Road and our driveway, and it took some convincing but we convinced him to pull back to the barn and unload her there. 

As my mare stepped out of her stall onto the ramp she got a little nervous about going down such a steep ramp.  After a little bit of positive encouragement she just jumped right off and scrambled to regain her footing.  It was cute in a very endearing way.  Since she was a bit up we decided that we wouldn't turn her out but instead just walk her and then put her in her stall.  If we had put her out its entirely possible that she could have started running and not stopped until she collapsed in exhaustion or found a way to hurt herself or something else crazy.  Not interested in that. 

Once in her stall she destroyed the banks on each wall then layed down and had a good roll, all quite comical.  She had some water, ate her hay, and then after we sent Steve on his way (back up to NJ to pick up horses!) we pulled her out, cross tied her and just hung out with her.  I brushed her, picked out her feet (which desperately need to be trimmed) and measured her.  We had guessed on her measurement when I went to see her and it turns out we were spot on.  She's 16h but could probably measure at 15.3h if we wanted her to.  She was also happy to be getting brushed and well behaved on the cross ties.  After a while we put her back in her stall next to Emma (who is totally in love with her, and normally hates other horses!) she just snacked on the food we gave her and looked happy as a clam.  I think she's really going to settle in nicely, and while she has a LOT to learn, we are going to have a blast together.  I'm the luckiest/happiest girl in the world.  All my hard work over the years is finally paying off, and here we are!

Grayson texted me an update this morning, and my girl and Dazzle are being turned out side by side, and as I expected when they got turned out Dazzle was so excited that she had a buddy to run around with.  My girl ran for a bit but settled fairly quickly.  Grayson mentioned that after that she checked out each corner of the field, so as to understand her limits, and was generally very smart and curious about it.  I can't wait to get to know her because she is going to be such a fun partner!

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