Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello North Carolina! I have missed you....

Yesterday I spent the day driving back to NC from NJ, and it was a surprisingly easy drive.  I got up early and only stopped twice so by 3:30 I was getting settled into my new house.  The house in an unofficial AXiD house called "Station", and I'm excited to be living with three girls I'm not super close with yet.  We will have a lot of fun I'm sure!

The horse search is well under way and may already be coming to an end, but there is nothing officially signed yet so no more details until that happens!  Fingers cross though...

I went out to the barn yesterday and today, and am so so glad to be back.  It really does feel like I'm home now.  Yesterday I hung out at Grayson's house for a while with her, David and their daughter Mary, and then I helped Grayson feed and we continued talking well into the night.  Boy am I glad to be back!  I'm really looking forward to several prospects/projects for the spring.  I have some ideas, and really hope I can make them happen.  

This morning I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, but I had to start it without weights.  I went out to Walmart afterwards and picked up a yoga mat and two 5lb weights.  They might prove to be a bit much for starting out with the exercises in the video, but who cares, I need to kick my butt into gear!  I'm planning on doing the 30 Day Shred to get back in shape for the first month (winter term) and then when spring semester starts so will P90X.  I'm ready to get into shape!  I think I may do something along the lines of not letting myself go to the barn until I have worked out, that way I can't come home and say I'm too tired.  I also have the best incentive to get fit I have ever had, for every 10 pounds I lose Mom and Dad agreed to pay a month of board, and Evan agreed to pay half a month of board.  Mom and Dad said they would break it up into 3.5 pounds for 1/3 of board, since it isn't healthy to lose too much too fast. Plus I'm doing this the old fashioned way - cutting calories and exercising more - no fancy quick fixes for me.  Being fit is all I really care about.  Anyone else want to sponsor this journey? :-) 

Tomorrow I start my practicum for winter term with the Alamance Partnership for Children.  I'm not really sure what I will have to do, or even what my schedule will be, I just know that I'm expected to work 120 hours in the next 3 weeks.  I don't know if I'm ready for a full time job!  I think I will have to just do ground work for the month of january and focus on lunging the pony (and potential new horse) since by the time I will be able to get to the barn each day it will be cold and dark.  Either way I'm glad to be back, and grateful for all my good friends being so close by.  I sure do miss Seville though!

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