Friday, October 23, 2009

Updates updates

Pony at the show! She looked so Fancy with her fuzzy halter and clean sheet.

Pony's new noseband!
So the Pony's shoe was reset yesterday, but I think she must have gotten kicked while she was turned out. I went to lunge her before riding and she looked sore in her back right hip/thigh muscle. I cold hosed, massaged, liniment bathed, linimented, and then poulticed her back legs, just in case. I also gave her some bute so she would feel better. Today she looked much better. I stopped by Anne's and picked up some really strong stuff kind of like mineral ice, and I massaged it into her hip after I cold hosed her. I'm going back out to do that again this afternoon. I also hopped on her for about 15 minutes to walk her and trot her. Once she was moving forward and out, her hip loosened up. I have a lesson with Anne this afternoon too, and our next IHSA show on Sunday.

I also didn't end up clipping her. I talked to Nikki, the girl coming to try her on Wednesday, and if she likes her and ends up taking her, she wants her to have some hair since its really cold in the mountains of Blacksburg. If she doesn't take her I'll clip her next Friday.

Grayson talked to Jim Bob yesterday, he asked her if I would consider taking on another horse, and how much it would cost, ie what I would charge. I think the pony is a large pony hunter prospect, and he would eventually like to sell the horse. I told Grayson I'd love to work with another - its the horses that make me most happy! Send him on over! And then he would sit for the end of Dec and Jan and go back into work when I get back in February.

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