Monday, October 26, 2009

Its days like today when I realize just how cool our little mare really is, and just how much I will actually miss her. As I pulled up to the barn, her head flew up from her pile of hay and she trotted over to the near side of the round pen, and lifted her head over the high fence. Ears pricked she paced the fence on the near side while I turned the car off and got out. I think its really a testament to how much she will thrive in a situation where she has one person to just love on her all the time.

I rode her again tonight, and she was better although still hot. It didn't take as long to get her focused and working, although because I didn't have my spurs on she wasn't as responsive to my questions about lateral movements. I'll be sure to put them back on tomorrow. We also popped around some small fences, and worked more on staying collected into and during lines. I wanted to make sure that the lines set up were set to make her look good, with flowing distances rather than distances I really have to push or hold for (read: hold). Tomorrow I will ride each line again in the morning, and then I will reset them. I want to give Pony every possible advantage on Wednesday! Fingers still crossed...

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