Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

So the past two days, or actually ten, have been spent preparing for tomorrow. Yesterday I schooled some 3' fences so that if we do decide to do it tomorrow, we would be a little more prepared than if we hadn't schooled 3' at all recently. She was a dream. A little drift to the left, but overall very calm and confident in her job. We trotted it a few times, then cantered it as the out of a line. We did some course work at 2'6 and she was awesome, and today I flatted her, gave her a good gallop, and worked on balancing herself through a ten meter circle.

Pony also got a whole lot of pampering today. She got a bath, her mane and tail washed, feet painted, and got to hang out, get treats and listen to music with me while I packed my stuff up. She is just so fun.

Now we just have to see how she goes tomorrow! The trailer is all packed, and we are ready, though loading her will be a pain since its a trailer type that I'm not sure she has ever seen. I did some work with it today, but I was alone, so as far as we got was getting her front end up. And that was fine. Tomorrow we will have to start early though on that endeavor.

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