Saturday, October 3, 2009


I didn't have time to post yesterday, so there are probably going to be two posts for today. I AM SO PROUD OF PONY. Yesterday I had my first ever dressage lesson on her, and Patrick LOVED her. I had one of the best lessons I have had in a while (I wish I could lesson more!) Patrick really helped me identify the weak spots of my ride and he gave me a lot of tools to make the pony softer and more supple. He had me really getting her body to bend rather than her neck, and getting her hindquarters to release around the circle rather than popping her outside shoulder out.

Patrick also began talking to me about break some of the babies he is getting sent this winter. And this time he asked me what I would charge! Thats a lot different than asking me to pay him to do his work! Obviously board would need to be paid so he was wondering essentially what I would charge for "training board". Board here is only 400 so I have to figure out what to charge to make it worth my time and safety. I would really look forward to this experience though!

I rode the pony a second time yesterday and she was better than ever! On the bit, supple, moving her inside hind over around the circle, and calm cool and collected even at the canter! She was light and balanced back on her haunches. I even popped her over some fences and she took everything from the perfect spots, and didn't rush a single fence, even within lines! Just stayed on the bit, round and waited for the fence to come to her. That's what we have been working to achieve! I think I'll move the jumps around and get the gymnastics going that I was supposed to do last week.

Patrick loved the pony so much that he is going to try to help me sell her! He said he would be spending all day yesterday calling clients about her. He would take a commission, but he would also ask more money for her. So thats fine! I really hope he can help sell her because she just has SO much potential! Even as an upper level event prospect!

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