Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And so it goes...

So after discussing it with Anne and Marilyn today, we decided that we will definitely figure out a way to get me to the show. Preparation is on! Pony might have to go up to Greensboro the night before, but Julie also says now that she may not want to show Saturday, since it will be after her homecoming dance. She would rather show sunday when she doesn't have to worry about getting up early and whatnot. I have to hope that she chooses to show Sunday even though it means her trainer won't be there.

I rode the pony pretty lightly today. She was resistant to coming down on the bit consistently during the beginning of our ride, probably because she was a bit hot. I will have to really ride her hard on Saturday, and maybe stick her in the Special Hunter U/S class first thing in the morning, untack and hang out, then get her going for her 2'6 jumper classes. I will ask Anne what she thinks about trying a 2'9 class, and since divisions are split over 2 days I won't be chasing tri-colors.

Today's ride was fine - nothing too special. It had to be pretty quick since I had a study abroad meeting tonight. I spent about 30 minutes on her back, w/t/c and some X-rails just to emphasize coming back to me after the fence. Lots of X-rail then halt within 3 strides and maintaining the pace between two fences in a line.

I have a lesson with Anne in the morning, and I'm planning on schooling her over a 3' course, in order to better prepare her for the smaller class. Ever since I was younger I was always told that for a horse to be ready to compete at one height, it should be comfortable schooling 6" higher in most cases. This isn't the case at the higher levels, but for a 2'6 class, she should be calm over 3'. She is mostly comfortable at that height, but still drifts left a bit if she doesn't get a decent spot. Kelsey is coming out again tomorrow - YAY - and she will video/photograph the ride. I still need to find someone to video my classes this weekend though since Kelsey will be in California from friday to sunday.

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