Thursday, October 1, 2009

Acres and acres to run

Sarah and I got to the barn early enough today that the horses that live in the bottom field were still enclosed up top. This meant that the five acres were free for us to use! We decided it would be a fitness day for Moose and the Pony, and let me tell you - the pony was HOT! She is still adjusting to her new turnout schedule and as a result she was super hot.

I really think she is proud of herself for being strong enough to carry herself while moving from behind. Even when I hopped off to cool her out (she wouldn't stop jigging) she carried herself in a frame. It was a "look at me, don't I look great?!" moment.

Throughout the ride I was able to hold her attention for bits and pieces of it, but mostly I just wanted to work her hard. At the end I let her have a gallop in both directions, and she was definitely surprised but very happy that she didn't have to package herself up and could just really run. She was also surprised when I didn't let her just continue to the top of the field, I was actually asking her to gallop all the way around the field.

I have seven rides left until the horse show, and hopefully one will be a lesson where I trailer over to Anne's. This means that I will probably do one more conditioning day in the field - Tuesday, probably two serious jumping rides, one low schooling jumping ride, and the rest flat. So the breakdown will tentatively be:

Friday - dressage lesson!
Saturday - light flat
Sunday - (My first IDA Show) OFF
Monday - jumping ride
Tuesday - conditioning ride
Wednesday - light flat
Thursday - hopefully trailer over to Anne's for a lesson
Friday - OFF or light lunge
Saturday - school low jumps
Sunday - The big day! Hunter hack and Low Schooling Jumpers
Monday - OFF

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