Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New home

This morning Nikki came out to meet Zena, and really liked her! She watched me ride her around and jump some bigger fences before she got on herself. She is a soft rider who stayed out of the saddle most of the time, especially at the canter. She really liked that Zena likes to stretch down - thats a good quality in a horse that will be asked dressage and jumping questions.

After seeing if she would still go if she was dropped at the base, if she would still go if she got put at a long or short spot, and trying her over a 3' swedish oxer, she decided that she did indeed like how she felt.

We brought her inside, filled out all the paperwork, and got together the stuff that Nikki said she would need. Nikki wrote the check, signed the purchase agreement, and we loaded little Z up onto her trailer. I sent her with Zena's bridle, sheet, blanket, and standing wraps.

Now its time to hurry up and wait!

Here is a funny one from the archive of little Z

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