Monday, September 20, 2010

La corrida de los toros

Last night a few of us went to a bull fight after we spent the day recovering from the night before.  Saturday night we went out with our group of friends to a botellón (similar to pregaming, but its more of a social event then an event designed to get a person very drunk) and afterwards we headed to Calle Betis to hang out at a bar and a club we liked.

As we were leaving the first bar we randomly ran into all of my German friends outside and we decided that we would meet back up in 30 minutes to all go to Bilindo together.  Bilindo is an open air disco that I had heard lots about from these boys, but that we hadn't yet made it to.  Dominic, Quin, Christine and I took a taxi around 2am over to Bilindo to start the night with some dancing.  That's right I said START.  Its normal here in Spain to go out around 1am and not come home until 7am or 8am (or later if there is any special occasion).  This specific club actually stays open until 9am.

Anyway, at Bilindo the men have to pay 10 euro to get in, and everyone has to be dressed up - no flip flops, tshirts, or anything less than a dress or button down.  Here they take these rules very seriously and won't let you into the club if you are underdressed. The second we walked in we realized why they take it seriously - it keeps out those who aren't willing to look nice, and the result was a gathering of some of the most beautiful and well dressed people I have seen.  Anyway we stayed out dancing until around 6:30am when we decided it was time to get some sleep.  We had stayed out til 7am the night before and spent the day in Cadíz so we were all pretty tired.

On Sunday we all got together and went out for lunch before buying our tickets for the bullfight.  Originally I had thought I would be able to handle the bullfight because sometimes the bull doesn't get killed, and I thought that they would respect the creature in its valiant effort to fight for its life.  Instead the tradition we witnessed seemed like more of a mockery of the bull, and its obvious inability to fight and win.  While I have some pretty interested and exciting photos, I'm not ashamed to admit that I left after 20 minutes in tears.

so good at making new friends! (these guys are french)

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