Thursday, September 9, 2010

Algunos amigos nuevos

I've only been here for five days and I'm already getting my bearings.  I love being able to walk around the city and know where I'm going without using a map.  The people here are beautiful, and they have such an amazing sense of style.  From the youngest children to the oldest abuelas all the women wear dresses during the day, and the men wear polos or button downs.  There are many dark people, but they are morenos, but also lighter skinned, light haired Spaniards too.

Yesterday was our last day of orientation, so after dinner our guías took us out to a really fun shot bar then club.  At the shot bar (shots = chupitos) we met a lot of people including españoles, germans (alemanes) and some other americans on a different program.  As it turns out the germans are actually staying in the same hostel that Scott and I stayed in last weekend.  We got to talking to them and two of their birthdays are this weekend/next week also!  So apparently we might celebrate with them - smaller fiestas saturday, monday, and wednesday, then a huge party next Friday for all of us.  Who knows if we actually will celebrate with them, but we did exchange numbers, and they are here for the semester so its possible!  They were crazy but also really fun.  After the shot bar we went down to a discoteca with our guías (and only about 5 americans which was awesome) and we drank more and danced and talked.  It was fun to start to see more about their culture and meet more people. 

Our guías were extremely fun, and hopefully will help us meet some Spaniards.  I don't want to get stuck hanging out with americans, if I wanted to do that I could have stayed at Elon.  I decided that I'm going to take a class about living and learning in Sevilla and hopefully through playing soccer through CIEE, riding outside of the city, and with the intercambios (CIEE pairs us up with a student in the University to become friends with and have them show us around and all that I'll be able to meet lots of spanish people!  

Classes are going to start on Monday and I was placed in one of the lower levels for our intensive course.  That was expected since I have trouble speaking, I can understand 95% of what is said but the actual conversation is hard.

I finally started taking some photos, so I'll continue to add them as the week goes on.

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