Sunday, September 5, 2010


Last night we went out for tapas and sangria, figuring we could start finding restaurants we like, and places we like to drink.  We explored for a while, eventually getting into an area that was too residential and the restaurants were too expensive so we headed back up towards the area near our hostel and found a nice little place where we could share 3 cold tapas, 2 hot tapas, each have a glass of sangria, and then share a fruit desert at the end for only 17 euros.

It's not cheap but sounded like a good deal and we liked the food on the menu.  It seems like there is seafood and eggs in everything and the food is drowned in olive oil, but the portions are so small, and we do so much walking that I don't think it will matter.  After dinner we went back up to la plaza de San Francisco and had another pitcher of sangria at the same place we tried earlier that afternoon - Bar Europa.

Scott and I decided today that since the weather is nicest in the morning (by 11 it gets into the triple digits in the sun) that we would get up early to start exploring.  By 10 am we were out and exploring, first heading towards la plaza de San Francisco then down past Sierpes (supposedly a great shopping street) to  el rio Guadalquiver.  We crossed the river to start exploring the area that we think our homestays might live - los remedios y la triana.

After that we walked along Calle Betis (supposedly a great area to go at night) and then cross next bridge down and headed up to the university and all the parks that are up there.  In all our walk must have taken 3 hours and covered about 4 miles.  We were exhausted so we walked back over towards our hostel and found a place to eat lunch before we took our siestas.  Now we are just hanging out in the hostel getting ready for our other friend Christine to arrive!

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