Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, what DO you know Baby?

So Kaitlyn wants me to name the little one "Golden Opportunity" if she ever makes it into the show ring, but I already know a Goldie so I can't call her that. Plus she is more yellow than gold. I think from now on she will be called Baby. Its fitting I think, at least it seems that way now.

It's interesting to begin seeing the difference in the pony now that I have eliminated some obvious pain issues. I'm still riding in the raw hide side pull bridle, with a halter underneath, in my english saddle. I also keep the tie down on her, this time attached to the halter. I'm starting to get a feeling for what she knows, and she seems to be a fairly quick learner, though that cow pony in her is extremely stubborn.

I walked trotted and cantered today, because I want to get a feel for what she knows, what she can do, and what she doesn't think she has to do. She is still extremely green, and sometimes she gets really frustrated with what I'm asking of her, although I haven't asked anything more of her than to go straight, maintain rather than build her pace, and I've done a few transitions. We aren't really ready to start cantering yet, so that will be limited in the future. She has to run into the canter and when she does, she feels like a rocking horse, putting her head down and taking strides that feel like she is hopping rather than actually cantering. She is also the type that once she comes down from the canter to the walk she begins to jig.

I have come up with several words and noises I'm going to use with her in addition to using my body for cues. Woah will mean walk. HO said with authority will mean halt. One cluck means trot, kiss means canter, and Eassyyyyy means slow your pace.

It will be interesting to watch her develop, and to see if she is willing to be the pony we think she could be. Hopefully I'll get a video for you all soon.

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