Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Miz Thang' (barn name to be determined) as Grayson would call her, is actually quite comical. The more I get to know her the more I like her. She is just my type - sweet, but mare-ish in the sense that she will let you know as soon as she is unhappy with what you are doing. She hates having her belly touched in any way, though if you leave your hand there, she gets over it pretty quickly. She is also very mouthy, but not in a way that she actually wants to bite. If you aren't careful she will grab your zipper, and undo your jacket. She also chews on the cross ties, and is very interested in everything going on around her.

It was nice enough to ride outside today as well, so I walked her around the ring to let her look around before getting on. She is so funny with her huffing and puffing while she looks at everything in the ring. Funny enough though, she does it in the total opposite way that Zena used to do it. Instead of pretending to be scared when she looks at something the way Zena did, she genuinely wants to take a look at everything. As our ride was finishing, we walked across the middle of the ring past some of the scary stuff I put under the jumps over the summer, and while I was steering to go right past them, she actually pulled me towards the jump so she could smell the flowers. She WANTED to go see the jumps, without any encouragement from me! What a difference from our last project!

We have a lesson tomorrow morning, at 10 am with Adam. Apparently our girl doesn't like trailering, so we are going to try to start loading her around 8:30. I'm really excited to get his input on what we should be working on, and over Christmas break we will probably be able to get a few more lessons in before she comes down to North Carolina.

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