Monday, November 23, 2009

The excitement continues

Edit to add: Here she is!!

So I just talked to Anne for a while about the possibilities for the spring, and we are both really excited for everything that might materialize. I told her about my class schedule, which will allow me to spend the days working in the barn, and she is hoping to split her horse Brownie with me so that I can do the 3'3- 3'6 jumpers on him. She really thinks he would do great in the amateur stuff, and she wants me to get that same experience too.

She is also excited about Showstopper, and that I will learn more about the finesse involved in the hunter world, but glad that she can keep me moving up into some of the bigger jumpers while I bring her along. We are going to work out a deal where I will basically be a working student with lots of riding time, and showing opportunities. She is willing to have the mare come down before New Years, and keep her in training while I'm in London. I will work off that fee.

Tomorrow I have a presentation on Cognitive and Behavioral Theory in my counseling class, and then an Econ exam before I drive home. And because I'm such a good friend, I will be driving my friend Erick to the airport before I actually head home. I won't be home until late, but it will all be worth it to get up early to go meet Showstopper. On Wednesday I think I will go ride early, get photos and videos for all to see, then come home to see New Moon with Evan before I go to the auction with Stef and Kaitlyn. Excited for Thanksgiving!

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