Monday, November 2, 2009


Today after speaking to Jim Bob about the pony we came up with several ideas for little pony's future. For one he doesn't want me riding her until we figure out what she has truly done. Heath is supposed to come out tomorrow or the next day to show me just how "broke" the little one is. Grayson and Jim Bob both know he is being dishonest, and there are many things that are just not quite right. Grayson was able to witness much of this today. I had her hang around while we got the little one ready. She saw some rears, she saw how bad she was when she went to tighten the girth - as if it had never been done before.

We also decided to go back to all the western stuff. Today we used a western saddle, halter under her bridle and a western bridle with a large rubber D ring snaffle. We used the long reins as side reins of sorts - through the stirrups tied to the back of the saddle, and we also used a tie down. She can't go up if she is tied down. We also used an old western method of tying the reins tightly to one side so that she has to bend and respond to the pressure from the bit. I had done that under saddle yesterday - essentially a one rein stop, and she had reared. Now she didn't have a choice, she had to bend because the pressure would not release unless she did.

Her teeth will also be done next Wednesday when Dr. Shuler comes out to do some diagnostic work on Moose.

In other news little Zena is getting vetted tomorrow, and I will keep you posted as to that progress. And if all goes well there, Virona will be vetted later in the week. Oh the possibilities.

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