Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On how to bail

Anyway, it has been a long time since I have bailed off a horse. Today was one of those days. The pony had her teeth done, so that means we are back to using a bridle with a bit. There was no rearing during bridling, but once I got on that all changed. She gave me a small rear in the second corner, but then in the third corner she went straight up, and I had to bail. She went up so high that I thought we were going over backwards, so I jumped off to the side and proceeded to try and pull her over backwards while she was still up in the air. When that didn't work, I went towards her trying to get her to rear again, so that I could try and flip her. But, to no avail. When I finally let go of the reins she proceeded to gallop around the ring for about 15 minutes.

When she finally came to me, I led her back to the mounting block, which was met with rearing, I went into the barn to get her halter, threw it on over the bridle, and got the tie down. Back to the mounting block and she started freaking out and rearing (as soon as the tie down was attached). I jumped down and grabbed the far rein and pulled while she was up in the air. She twisted a bit, but wasn't up enough to actually have her weight in her haunches. Once I got on, I walked her for fifteen minutes, making her move straight and forward, and then I got off. That was enough of a success.

These are the days when I really want to kill her. From what I have learned about her mother, she may have to much Ginny Bob in her to ever be successful. Still though, she needs a chance. Tomorrow will be another day, and hopefully more successful than today.

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