Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jim Bob approves!

It is hot in North Carolina.  I don't mean the kind of hot where you want to stay outside all the time, I mean the kind of heat where you barely want to go outside or do any kind of physical activity for fear of bursting into flames.  Each day this week got well into the 90's, and it was hard to find the motivation to ride in that heat.

I did though!  The pony has been steadily improving, and I finally got Jim Bob out to see her!  He came out this morning, and I jumped her around a little course.  She was the worst she has been in two weeks! Typical.  The wind was blowing and she was alone out in the ring.  She wouldn't settle into a nice canter, but was really happy to start jumping.  She doesn't rush fences most of the time.  She still gets excited, but the only time she refuses is when I'm not riding well enough.  She still isn't quite ready for a kid but we are getting there.  We need to get her sold though, so I'm going to write her sale ad this week.   We haven't decided how much to ask for her, but once Anne comes out hopefully she will be able to give me an idea of what to ask for each.  He has been keeping his eye out for more projects too which is exciting, though really it just makes sense for him to wait til the fall to buy something, and that way we can get to work when I get back from Spain.

Anyway, off to see Ritter and Janene right now!

I have been continuing the work on that series of head shots.  Here are the next four images.

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