Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Its been too long since I last posted!

Its been too long since I have posted.  Forgive me!

There has been a lot going on!  I arrived back at school last week and got back to work with the ponies.  The little yellow one, who has affectionately been named Sunshine by Grayson, has really been coming along!  She has been putting weight on, and is starting to look really good!  Yesterday she also jumped around her first course!  Granted most of the course was cross rails, it ended with the barrels under a 2'3 vertical!  She refused the first time but the second time around I just grabbed some mane and kept my leg on and she went flying over!  We still have a lot to work on with her leads and staying quiet, but as long as you stay out of her face and off her back she is a pretty happy pony!  I'm going to look and see when we can get her out to her first show.

Ritter is doing really well too!  Yesterday's ride was basically just focused on getting him to move forward from his hind end, and I didn't touch his face at all.  It was really relaxing and also short since it was about 85 degrees.

Spring has sprung, and North Carolina is beautiful!  It has gone straight from winter to summer though, and skipped all the warm weather between.  I have to ride around 6pm now because its just too hot to ride during the day.  The trees are all blooming though, and the urge to photograph everything is hard to ignore.  I have several portrait sessions in the coming weeks that are going to be a blast.  I can't wait!

In the mean time here is a series of photos I have been working on, head shots with background replacement to create a series of images that accentuates the beauty of each horse.

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