Thursday, February 25, 2010

Severe weather warnings in New Jersey

I was supposed to head home to NJ today so that I could give an equine photography seminar at the Purnell School in the morning tomorrow.  New Jersey is expecting 18" of snow, which means no driving for me and my old wheels.  Now I have to wait until spring break for family and friends.  We are still going to try to figure out how I can give presentation/discussion over Skype.  Oh the beauty of technology!

I've been maintaining my facebook fan page with a "Photo of the Day" to showcase some of my work, and because its cold and wintery, much of the work is from the past year.  I have several irons in the pot for both portfolio building opportunities and for possible clients.  I'm looking into the details of attending an equine photography workshop in Lexington, KY this summer, and what an opportunity that would be!  I can choose between the seminar led by Gabrielle Boiselle, famous for capturing the spirit and essence of the horse:

“Horse photography is something for crazy enthusiasts and horse lovers close to madness” said Boiselle. “If you are not burning inside to make good pictures, if you are not willing to cross rivers and get up in the middle of the night and prepare horses for a shoot, you will never achieve the satisfaction in making very special images. I am eager to share my insights and experience with you during the seminar. And I promise you, you will be dreaming in the night of horses. We will think, love and photograph horses.”

Or working with a renowned portrait photographer who has the impressive ability to capture the essence of the horse and human relationship that is often a split second fleeting look.  I'm taking Shelley's composition course during the month of March, and I hope that it will help me to better understand the how I compose subjects in an image.  I want to be better, I want to improve, and I want more opportunities to get out there and practice!  (Oh and to be hired, because my paid work funds these endeavors to develop my professional work!) 

Anyway,  I'm off to ride the beasts today. Hopefully they both behave!  Oh and here is a self portrait image that I designed (but obviously didn't actually shoot)...

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