Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally, some photographs!

This weekend was finally beautiful! Over 60 degrees both days.  I was finally able to bring my camera out to play!  The photos at then end are all from yesterday.

This weekend Sarah started to do some Parelli stuff with the pony, and she is already becoming a different horse!  I know many people don't really buy into the whole natural horsemanship thing, but it is cool because its basically establishing a mutual trusting relationship, and mutual respect for each other.  This will be especially great for the pony because she is so fearful.  Already she is learning how to respond to pressure, read Sarah or my energy, and she is no longer afraid to come over in the stall or field.  And this is only after two sessions!  What we have been doing is learning together.  Sarah teaches her a game or two a day (Parelli is based on 7 games), and she gets her a little farther each time.  I then start from the beginning and play games that the pony is already familiar with so that I can learn how to do them, and she is already a little familiar with the expected responses.

This week we will continue the Parelli with her, and I'll ride Ritter each day too (or at least on MWF).  He just needs fitness, since he is already pretty knowledgeable, and then we can start schooling him over some low fences too.

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