Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pampered pony!

The pony was great today, and she got a partial spa day too!  I rode for about twenty minutes, just getting her to relax into a quiet walk and then a quiet trot.  Quieting the trot always takes the most effort since she is continuously anxious about life.  She hypes herself up even though all I want from her is to ride on a loose rein and relaxed so that she can actually learn something.  After the ride gave her a bit of pampering - she got her mane pulled, legs scrubbed, and tail brushed.  Looks good eh?

It was a crowded day at the barn today - the Weigands were out there running a 4H session, and Janene came out to pamper Ritter.  Yesterday, Nina even made it out to get on him for a bit, which means she is feeling better - yay!   Julie has been trying to get her horses ready for the spring 4H show season, but she has also been babysitting everyday so she hasn't had time to ride everyday.  I offered to ride if she needs them ridden, and she gladly accepted.  I'm going to start riding Spice during the week, and she will ride her on the weekends.  I'm glad to get as much riding in as possible, and also looking forward to getting to know the Weigand family better.  I'm going to ask Julie to model for me this spring so I can do some more portfolio building stuff, and maybe they can spread my name around the 4H circuit too!

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