Friday, June 10, 2011

To love is to share

These boys never cease to amaze me with their kindness and generosity.  Today we went to San Pedro Sula to watch the boys play in a soccer tournament at the Olympic Stadium.  Of course the day was going to be amazing anyway, but throughout the day each just continuously reminded me of why I am so in love with them.  Early in the day we went to buy water for the boys since they didn't bring any, and we bought 40 bags of water (for maybe $6).  A little while later we noticed one of the rival teams was also drinking that water.  When I asked one of the boys if he knew that those were ours, he looked at me and said "amar es compartir" or "to love is to share".  They thought nothing of sharing with their opponents and being friendly off the field.

Later in the day, right before their finals, the boys and profes/coaches invited me into their prayer circle as they prepared for the game.  After their prayer the profe gave a talk about God's will and sportsmanship, and then when he closed it, he singled me out and told me that they, as a team, wanted to give me the trophy if they were to win the game because they feel like I am always with them and supporting them.  I got nervous and blushed, and the feeling of fulfillment was overflowing.  The boys went on to lose the final game 2-0 and I was expecting to see them all come off the field depressed and angry, but instead they were still smiling and laughing.  I asked one what happened and he said, "you know, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  If someone wins, someone also is going to lose.  Today that was us, its okay".  

While they were changing back into their normal clothes, the coach came over to me and said, I know its not first place, but we still want you to have our trophy.  I could have cried with joy, not for the trophy, but rather for the reminder that there is still so much good left in humanity, you just have to be willing to look for it.  As we were driving in the back of the pick up truck with all the boys, I couldn't help but think this is it, this is life. And I feel so alive.  

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