Saturday, June 4, 2011

Girls can play ball too ya know

After having such a blah day yesterday, today was amazing.  On the weekends the boys come down from la montaña, and so I was finally able to see a lot of the boys I had been missing.  Of course, I still haven't gotten to see Juan Carlos, but I will tomorrow.  During the morning I watched and video-ed the boys playing soccer, and then hung out with them while they sang music and danced.  I convinced Geovanny, otherwise known as Yoba (rapper name), to sing his songs for me, and Luis Reyes did the same.  I also finally decided that to get the word out about the photo course I need to let things be a little less formal.  As protective as I want to be of those cameras, they boys won't learn if I don't let them use them and teach them.  For now I have just been giving them the cameras, and talking to each kid about the basics of taking photos from a technical standpoint.  During the actual workshops I can teach them more about composition, aperture, shutter speed, and subject matter.

Some of them are proving already to be very self critical and very choosy in what they will take photos of.  One boy had a camera for almost thirty minutes, and when he came to show me what he had done, there were only ten photos for me to look at.  I'm so excited that they want to participate!  I still haven't explained everything that the course will entail, but the important thing is that I'm developing a relationship with them, and developing their respect for the cameras and the art.  

In the afternoon today at the last minute the boys and the profe invited me to go watch their soccer tournament and cheer them on.  I should have expected it, but they also found me shoes and a jersey and made me play with them.  Surprisingly I didn't embarrass myself, and they were all really impressed that I actually do play soccer.  One of them while we were warming up said, "damn you shoot like a guy!" and I looked at him and I said "no, i shoot like a woman.  Okay so you shoot like a big woman.  No buddy, I shoot like a woman who plays soccer as well as anyone." SO THERE.  When I actually got subbed in during the game I had a lot of fun really playing, although they play in an entirely different style than I ever have. It was great to really show off though, and I felt like it was a small but great step forward for women  (and gringas everywhere).  We ended up winning and the team played again an hour later, but I decided not to since I had just cooled off finally (it was 95 degrees and HUMID). 

After the game one of the boys asked me if I wanted a carton of orange juice, since he was going to the store.  I had been thirsty all day, so immediately I said yes, but then I realized that I didn't have any money with me, so I quickly tried to say never mind. They all looked at me funny and asked why I possibly wouldn't want one.  I quickly tried to downplay that I didn't have any money with me, but they all looked at me incredulously and the one guy said, but I invited you to have a drink.  The spanish language and Honduran culture are interesting because "te invito" always means that the person is offering to pay.  It was hard for me to accept the orange juice today because I know that these boys don't have money to be throwing around, spending on some gringa that's thirsty.  Their generosity blows my mind sometimes.  I think it must be true when I say there are no better boys in the world than the ones right here.

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