Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pensamientos del futuro

The view of Ceuta, Spain, the Spanish territory in Morrocco
Its a week full of midterms and visitors.  On Wednesday night three of my favorite Alpha Xi Deltas arrive from Copenhagen, Denmark where they have been studying for the past few months.  Emily, Alex and Aly will stay here until Saturday morning when they leave for their next trip.

Lots to write about Morrocco, very little time to write.  This past weekend was the first weekend when I got truly homesick, this time homesick for the US, not for Sevilla.  Its a good thing I have axid's on their way to Spain and mom and dad on their way next week.

Adam, me, Quin, Scott, Paige, Christine, Sahar
I think last week I mentioned that I think I may want to learn German next.  I think that if I do I will have to come back to Europe and spend at least a few months here again.  If I have learned anything about myself during this semester, I think the biggest thing is that I'm not going to be ready to choose a profession in a year and a half when I graduate in a year and a half.  I know I want to ride, I know I want to do something to help people.  I think that maybe during the next few years I will have to take some time to find myself and figure out what I want.  While doing that I can learn another language or two, and ride, teach or do whatever. There are many opportunities available for riding positions abroad throughout the world, all I need to do is decide where I want to go.  I also think that Rosetta Stone will be crucial.
Paintint I wanted to buy - Assilah

Sunset - Assilah Morrocco
On the topic of future I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming spring break trip to Honduras to work with Proniño.  The more I reflect on that experience the more I know that I want to return and figure out if working there with that kind of program is something I want to pursue.  So many things to figure out, it figures that these thoughts and worries always hit me at the most inconvenient time - this time midterms.  Oh well, tomorrow I have my Flamenco exam and my Female writers exam.  Not too worried about the latter, we haven't even started talking about a book yet.  I'll just have to write an essay about a social issue that women in the world face.  We have been talking about it for 6 weeks so I can't even think of anything to study.  Hopefully Flamenco won't be too bad either but I'm going to wake up early to study for that more.

Tetuon, Morrocco

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