Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunny and 85 in Blacksburg!

This weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday in Blacksburg with Nikki, the girl who bought Zena in October.  The first things I saw when I pulled onto the property were Nikki and Zena walking up from the lower barn!  It was so good to see that bratty little pony again.  And she is so fat, fit and happy now!  She really looks the best she ever has, and she will continue to grow and get better everyday.  Nikki is hoping to go Training level by the end of the year.  Dressage is the only issue that will ever face that pony, and even that isn't too hard for her to figure out.  We already know she can jump the moon!

On Saturday Walnut Springs Stable held a Fun Show, and I had my first opportunity to photograph pole bending and barrels, and it was many riders first time doing them as well.  Here are some samples!

On Sunday I had the opportunity to do portraits with Nikki and her two beloved horses Zena and Chaucer.  

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