Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello weekend!

This yellow pony is very difficult to figure out!  On Monday she ripped the lunge line out of my hand while I was lunging her and proceeded to take off around the ring for about 15 minutes with the line flying behind her.  On Tuesday though, she was great under saddle!  Walk, trot, canter and some fences, and she was happy!

On Wednesday she got a nice little Depo Provera shot, and she is also on an herbal supplement called mellow mare that she gets with each meal. Hopefully we will soon start to see a difference.  Yesterday I set up a free jumping chute for her, and this afternoon we are going to send her through it. I think we may have more success marketing her as a jumper rather than a hunter, and we know she's got the ups for it!  I've got a chute set up with a cross-rail, one stride to an oxer.  Our standards go up to 3'6 so today we get to see what she has to give us!  Pony jumpers compete at 3'6 so it will be interesting to see how she handles this height.  Christine is bringing her video camera and the whole barn crew is coming to hang out.

Yesterday I took a few headshots of one of the seniors in AXiD for her auditions and her graduation packet.  We even had a swan that came over to hang out for a bit!

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