Sunday, September 6, 2009

Its only the beginning...

The past few weeks have been spent in conversation about what is next for the pony.  She is for sale, but there is not a huge market for what she is - a pony jumper.  So the next question was what will she do when I leave to go back to college?  After a summer of intensive training and horse showing it would be a shame to let her go back let her stop working and moving forward in her training.  And so the next step was to find a shipper to bring her from Center Line to Elon, North Carolina so she can continue her training.

Derrick with Tulip Tree Farms Transport did a fabulous job shipping her, and she had a layover in Maryland at his parent's farm.  She shipped like a champ and looked wonderful when she finally stepped off the trailer.  

Grayson, the barn owner, had everything set up for her arrival, and I left a dinner party Friday night to meet Derrick and the pony.   I was still wearing a sundress, so I'm sure I didn't look like a horse person!  Pony hopped right off the trailer and I took her into the round pen so she could stretch her legs.  After walking around for a bit she picked up a huge ground covering trot with so much suspension that she hugely impressed everyone! She looked like a warmblood trotting around that ring.  She also certainly has tons of personality, as Grayson soon noticed.  She is noisy and bossy and loves to be noticed.  

On Saturday I took her on a walk around the property, showed her all the scary new things and put her in the round pen to get her legs moving again.  Its been two weeks since I last saw her, and I'm not sure how many times she has been ridden since then, but its time to get back into her routine!  

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