Monday, September 21, 2009

10 meter circles. Smaller and smaller...

Today I rode with Nina, the lady who leases Ritter from Janene.  She had already heard about Ritter's jumping excursions yesterday!  Apparently Janene called both Grayson and Nina because she was just so excited about what she had just watched.  She is just too cute.

After my ride Nina also let me know that she has left several people messages about Zena.  She used to do the jumpers before her accident so she contacted some friends about her.  She says she likes her so much that she just wants one of her friends to have her.  

I also talked to my coach about her.  She said at the show this weekend she saw several riders who she thinks would be perfect for Zena.  Everyone knows how successful she is going to be when we find the right person for her.  There is a show on October 10th a Sedgefield that has a 2'6 jumper division.  She thinks I could have some people try her out there too.  I think before that I'm going to try and trailer over to Townsend at least once for a lesson so that I can school over those jumps.  Anne has about 20 show quality hunter and jumper jumps, and we all know how good change is for the pony.  

Todays ride was a light flat ride.  Mostly loose rein, except at the canter when I began work on a 10 meter circle.  I took up contact and did 10 meter circles at the trot and canter in order to really encourage that full body bend.  I also threw a few jumps in off those tight circles, and she seemed to do and even better job of using her body and getting her spots when confronted with an obstacle while packaged up and collected.  The next challenge will be riding her like that to every fence, whether off a turn or on a straight line.  I think that will come with lots more flat work, and lots more gymnastics that are more challenging.   Tomorrow Sarah can't come out so it will likely be a ride similar to today's.  A varied combination of collection and extension, on the bit, and loose rein.  Wednesday Kelsey is coming out again to video, so I will post that link for you all to see! 

Thursday will be a lesson with Bonnie, my other dressage friend.  Friday I think my coach will be coming out first thing in the morning to see her and evaluate her.  I think I will be getting a lesson on her too!  I haven't had one since the lesson with Emil!  Can't wait!  And hopefully she will have some positive feedback.  Friday at 3:30 I'm scheduled to ride Ritter again.  I think Janene is going to videotape it as well.  I'm looking into what division I could take Ritter in if we end up going to the Oct 10th show.  There is a W/T/C division that runs right before the Jumper division I would take pony in, but I think it would be too rushed to give both horses the attention they need on a show day.  That wouldn't be fair to Zena or Ritter, or either of their owners who I'd be campaigning them for.  There is also a Young Entry Crossrails/Equitation earlier in the day, but I'm not sure if that means young horse or young rider.  Ritter is 7 but has only ever been on three properties in his life.  Certainly he would be eligible green.  

I will talk to Janene on Friday and see what her thoughts are on the Oct 10th show.  I'm looking forward to these opportunities!

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