Monday, April 25, 2011

Photography in western Carolina

This weekend I photographed a horse show in Wilkesboro, a town near Boone two hours from Elon.  Meagan, my friend doing the photojournalism project about me, thought this would be the perfect time to photograph me photographing.  It was wonderful to have a friend there with me, and she even lent me her camera to use, in addition to my own.  Hers is a much upgraded version of mine, and really hammered home how necessary it is for me to upgrade this year.  Maybe when I sell Aston I will be able to afford it.  Or maybe I will be awarded the grant I applied for (fingers crossed!).  

This show was one of the most fun shows I have photographed in a long time. The riders were careful and safe, the horses were gorgeous, and the people were extremely nice.   I was particularly excited about the mist in the beginning of the day, and I love the results of those photos.  I'm looking forward to photographing the rest of their shows this year, and hopefully heading back out soon to do portraits!

On another note, Aston is still going really well.  We are still trying to figure out what is going on with the pony.  She's still not seeming quite right when traveling on a circle.  Hopefully Dr. Shuler can help figure out what is up with her.  This weekend Dr. Shuler's broodmare finally foaled too!  I went out to take photos, but I haven't yet been out when the light is nice, so the photos are still a bit harsh.  I'm still working all the time it seems, but I'm taking more hours on at the farm where I do stalls.  My boss asked me to start riding some of the babies in addition to the trainer she has coming in.  I'm excited about that, as they are really nice youngsters.  

"I have seen many wonderful soothsayers and prophets and magicians in my life days, but none before that could sit idle and see to the heart of things with never an incantation to help."- Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

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