Friday, April 22, 2011

Facing a brave new world: Dante Fury

   "Career Doesn't Define Me"  
Dante Fury

       I am in the Navy. I am pursuing a career that I choose not to talk about not because I am not necessarily allowed to talk about it but because I don't believe that it defines me as a person.  I love my family and I feel that they are what give me the most motivation in my life.  I am very competitive and strive to be the best in absolutely everything I do, a trait that I find resonates in my sister.  I feel that though her and I do very dissimilar things it is our drive that makes us one and the same.  Her drive is astounding at times and makes me wonder where she gets her motivation.  When she describes all the things that she is doing to not only better herself but the world it leaves me almost senseless.  She is very caught up in helping and building others, this is what I would call a force multiplier to my motivation.  It gives me pride to be related to someone who is so driven towards good and the betterment of this world.
 Currently everything I do is centered around developing my body and mind to be better at my job.  I enjoy working out and staying in shape not only because it makes me feel better at the end of the day but also makes me better prepared for everyday that I spend at work.  I grew up playing sports but set my main focus on soccer and lacrosse, and as I grew older that focus shifted more towards lacrosse with each passing year.  I went to the Lawrenceville school and played both soccer and lacrosse there and would say that I had a successful career in both.  While I was there I met some outstanding people who most certainly contributed to my drive and motivation.  My best friends were constantly pushing me passively as well overtly.  I had the inner drive to impress them with everything I did, not unlike how I felt about my family as well as the competitiveness to outdo all of them on the field of play.  Most of my success came from competitiveness and the desire to be the best in anything I did.  I have had to work hard to achieve everything that I have earned, nothing has come easy but I would say that everything is more rewarding for the work I had to put in to achieve it.

      No matter what I achieve or where I am I never have a real sense of fulfillment.  I feel like there is always more that I can do or more that I can achieve.  I always try to continue to strive to do better and improve.  I value hard work and excellence and work to achieve excellence everyday, but each day it seems to get a little farther from reach.

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