Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soy profesora de íngles y voy a Portugal otra vez!

It's extremely difficult to wake up before the sun rises.  Each day I have class at 9am in the CIEE palacio, and the walk from my home to class is approximately 1.5 miles.  When I walk to class its usually about 45-50 degrees and by the time I finish class its about 75-80 degrees.  This type of weather makes it very hard to dress for the day as you can't stay warm, then you can't cool off.  Frustrating!

Last Friday night my friend Victor invited me to go out for some tapas with a few of his friends, his friend Ale that I had hung out with several times (the one that moved to Madrid to begin his masters program).  We went out for tapas and then went to Plaza Alfalfa where we had a few drinks and met up with a few more of his friends that I have met.

After those guys went home I met up with Carolina, several of her friends, and also her cousin Felix who was in town visiting for the weekend.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking in Alfalfa before going down to Elefunk, a club that plays older american music and has cheap drinks.  While we were out Caro invited me to go to the beach the following day with Felix and Felix's 13 year old half brother.  We went out towards Huelva and stopped at a beach called Portíl.  It was a little chilly but absolutely beautiful!  Felix and Felipe decided that they wanted to swim in the ocean, but because of how chilly it was Carolina and I were content to just hang out on a towel and watch them mess around in the water.

On our way back Felipe, the other cousin mentioned he knew of this spot that had one of the most incredible views he had ever seen, and because of our timing, it turned out we made it just in time to watch an absolutely beautiful sunset.  There were no clouds in the sky so it wasn't as colorful as most, but still the kind of natural beauty that makes you stop, think and slow down your life a little bit.

As we were eating lunch in the town of Portíl and I was hanging out with the three cousins, Carolina and Felix invited me to come to Portugal for next weekend.  Since Felix is German, he was only visiting Sevilla for a few days, and next he was heading to Portugal to meet up with another German friend.  I am so excited, because I don't really think that my last Portugal experience was the real kind - more like a spring break experience.  For this experience I will be able to speak Spanish, hang out in bars talking rather than going to clubs, and just in general relaxing a bit more than I was able to in Lagos.  Can't wait!

On Monday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Canterbury English on how to teach english as a second language.  I was under the impression that the workshop was just going to give us an idea of what it would be like to teach, but as it turns out, it actual certifies is to be part time english teachers and act as tutors in the city of Sevilla.  They even give us template posters to hang up so that we can make a bit of money while we are here.  I'm very excited to make up my poster and get started!  If I can sit down with a few students a week, and make ten euro an hour doing it (~$14) then I won't really have to keep spending the money I made over the summer!  And it seems like it would mostly be helping students with homework and the activities they work on in school.  Cool!

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