Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So I don't know what's going on, but I found another dog on the street this morning. This time Sarah was with me, and the dog was an adorable brown and white Shitzu (sp?) wandering around on Shoe Road on our way to the barn. Of course, we are not people who can just see a dog wandering loose and just keep driving. I pulled over my car, put down my window and said "PUPPPYY" - same as yesterday. This dog too was a very friendly dog, though like most small dogs, was nervous about coming close enough to be picked up by a stranger. Eventually though, she came to me and I saw that she had a blue collar on, lined with fake pearls. We got back in my car since it was cold out, and called the number on her tag.

When there was no answer, we got out and began walking towards the nearest house (which was not close on a road of farms!). As we began walking towards that house a car pulled up and put his window down. Turns out it was his dog, though I'm sure in reality it was his wife's dog. The man was a larger man probably in his fifties, and he was burly - the kind of man who owns an auto shop (as the dog's tag indicated). We happily sent them on their way, and I left the pup with a nice big kiss on her forehead as she had her feet on the window looking out at me and Sarah.

The pony was a terror this morning, and we didn't even start well. She came in from the field well, as the mares were still close up top. She stood well to be tacked up, for the most part. As After I bridled her, I went to put the halter back on over the bridle so that I could cross tie her again, and go help David catch Gabbie who had gotten loose. As I went to put the strap over her head, she reared, and because I was standing close she knocked me in the elbow with her hoof. Pissed and in pain, I swung the halter at her while she was in the air - rearing is unacceptable. She backed herself into a corner, and I walked over, put the halter on and tied her up before leaving the aisle to go help David and Sarah catch Gabbie.

I decided to long line her today instead of riding so that I could work her on a twenty meter circle, getting a nice bend and get her engaging her hind end. Once we were in the ring, I began setting up the lunge lines. Out of nowhere she spooked at nothing while I was organizing the lines in my hands, spun, and stomped on my right foot before trying to take off. Luckily I was wearing gloves, as the lines slipped through my hands before I was able to catch them, bringing the pony to a halt.

I proceed to ground drive her around the ring a few times before stepping back and sending her around the circle. We were able to work in both directions, with little incident, but as we got back in the barn and I untacked her I went to give her a treat. As I was unwrapping the peppermint, she reached out and nipped me. To that she received a short tap on the nose and I waited until she behaved to give her the peppermint. As I was walking out to the field, I decided to give her another peppermint once she was out in the field. This time she bit me so I tapped her a little harder and with that she spun again, ripping the lead rope through my hand. I held on though, and proceeded to back her up through the mud until she decided she was done. Again, when she behaved I gave her the peppermint and called it a day.

Today was another one of those days when I wanted to kill her. And I have the bruises to show for it. I hope she behaves on Thursday when Jim Bob comes out!

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