Friday, December 4, 2009

On Christmas

Today Sarah helped me with Grayson and David's Christmas presents. I came up with an idea that Sarah is helping to pull off. I thought that the best gift that I have to give is my photography. So I thought for Grayson and David, this would be a very special present because from what Sarah said, they don't have any horse pictures in the house since they just moved in recently. They have seven horses, Maddie, Gabby, Emma, Prince, Max, Peppy, and Cinnamon. They also have two cats, Bob and Tabby, and a dog, Elton. Today Sarah and I got photos of the seven horses (not as discreetly as I would have hoped) and Bob. We will get Tabby and Elton another day. I thought that we could print all the horse photos as 8x10 and frame then in a simple black frame, and then print each dog/cat photo as a 5x7, and also put it in a black frame. Grayson has been like a second mother to us down here, and we wanted to find a way to show our appreciation. I think she will love it. Anyway, here are my favorites of each horse, and the cat.

The horses appear in the following order: Prince, Gabby, Maddie (might have mixed the twins up), Cinnamon, Max, Emma, Peppy, and Bob.

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