Friday, August 19, 2011

I know I know, its been forever since I've posted.  I have this habit of throwing myself completely into the moment, and lately that has meant 100% focus on the horses.  Both mares are for sale and they are both at their first horse show this weekend.  The yellow pony schooled this afternoon and will likely show tomorrow.  Aston flatted today and will school tomorrow, possibly showing on Sunday.  The main goal of the weekend is mileage.  Being at the show is a success in and of itself.  We have come a long way, and I'm so proud of what she has become.  I'm a happy girl.  

Remember when I first got the pony?
And then when I found out how talented she is?
And how calm, confident and wonderful she has become?
And here she is totally relaxed at the show this weekend.

I have learned so much from this little mare, and I really hope that she finds her very own kid.  She absolutely deserves it.  She's come so far!

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