Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its midterm week, photos will have to suffice

The mares are doing well!  Aston has shedded out into a true beauty. A bright dappled bay.  Once the pieces click under saddle, she'll be a true attention grabber.  The pony is finally getting it.  I'm so proud!  She's ready to go out to the shows this spring, and we have some planned for weekends in April.  So exciting!

Last weekend, the same weekend I went home to complete two photography sessions, I headed into NYC with my friend Kelsey and several of our sorority sisters and other friends to celebrate her birthday.  We spent the night in the plaza, had dinner in a lovely restaurant and then went down stairs to part in the club portion of the restaurant.  It was an incredible night and couldn't have been spent with a better group of people. 

This past weekend my sorority hosted our annual St. Patty's day party, here are some photos of my sisters!

Emma, Allyssa, Me, Jill, Sarah (the Diva family) Sarah is my big, Emma is my little and Jill and Allyssa are my g-littles. 

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